Connecticut Social Studies Conference ~ July 26 - 29 Session Presentations

Connecticut Social Studies Conference ~ July 26 - 29

Developing Global Geo-Inquiries in Grades K-12: 
National Geographic Education & Educator Resources 

Kim Hulse, National Geographic Education
Laura Krenicki, CGA & WJJMS

Geography Connections: Hartford Courant’s Newspapers in Education for Teaching & Learning

Link to contest information:

Link to graphic organizer:

Link to Project Rubric

Direct link to submission page (may be included in Google Classroom or your own class website)

Connections & Collaborations: 
Preparing for a Globally Connected Society

Inquiry with Connecticut History

Close reading observation & questioning printable document (2 per sheet)

Daniel Huntington, Abigail Dolbeare Hinman, 1854-1856 
– Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London, Connecticut

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